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Let me introduce myself. My name is Anna. I’m the founder of Smart Panda and Fine Arts Studio.
Smart Panda was established in 2015 as a safe zone for those who want to learn foreign languages in private or in small groups. I beilieve that language acquisition is very personal and best done on the student’s terms. I tailor each lesson to your specific needs and wishes.
The same year Fine Arts Studio was born. I started off with giving art lessons and after a flying start I expanded the business moving it to a studio in Stavanger Øst and later to a fantastic studio in the very heart of Stavanger.
Since the beginning the students of Fine Arts Studio have completed more than 400 paintings, we have held 4 exhibitons and we keep on creating wonderful pieces of art and developing talents.
I am happy to apply my education and skills where they belong: I have two Master's degrees, one in Linguistics and Pedagogy and another one in Social Work. I also finished an art school and wanted to teach arts ever since. I have worked with children and young adults for many years in various schools as a preschool teacher, a language and literature teacher and a pedagogical leader. Now I have my language and art practice and I love what I do.
I'm happy to share my knowledge and experience!
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